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a responsible abuse of pleasure
23 December
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I'm bad at bios.


-i'm going for my psychology degree (senior in spring).
-i love school (or maybe i'm just convincing myself that i do so that i don't 'lose it' over the fact that i've been in college for six years and still a year away from my BA).
-i love being around people just as much as i love being alone.
-i love to dance.
-i love to talk/chat.
-i spend way too much time online.
-i have a very interesting family, whom i love dearly.
-i like to drink and i like to eat (that sounds sillier than intended, but you know what i mean). i guess i should say that i like to drink and i like to *cook*.
-music is much fun and very important to me.
-i try to be openminded but i find many [mainstream] people irritating.
-if i had to place myself politically, i'm pretty sure i'm a civil libertarian. i'm into secular humanism, so that makes sense.
-i [over]analyze things/people.
-i'm reactive

60's french pop, abstract, abstract electronic, agnosticism, akufen, ambien, ambition, amphetamines, aroma, arovane, arrested development, art history, aspirations, astrud gilberto, autechre, aveda, beefcake, belgian ale, benzodiazepines, bergamot, bondage, brut, burgundy, can, candles, cashmere, champagne, civil libertarianism, class, clonazepam, coil, cooking, coprolalia, corruption, cuisine, d'angelo, dali, dancing, debauchery, decadence, depravity, desire, dopamine, download, dsm iv, duvel, earl grey, eddie bo, electronic music, elitism, emotion, empathy, eroticism, excess, exhibitionism, experience, experimental, experimentation, expression, fetishes, funk, funkstorung, grammar, green tea, grey, handcuffs, hedonism, humiliation, humility, immorality, infatuation, intelligence, intoxication, isaac hayes, jan jelinek, ketamine, kindness, kink, knee-high boots, knowledge, kraftwerk, l'usine, lust, m.c. escher, meat, memories, michael jackson, minimal, modern, moet & chandon, mondrian, motivation, neuropsychology, neuroscience, new orleans funk, noise, npr, opiates, os mutantes, oxycontin, pain, painful, painless, passion, perversion, pharmaceuticals, pharmacology, picasso, pole, pornography, portishead, pro-choice, productivity, psycholinguistics, psychology, psychopharmacology, rage, rapture, red stripe, relaxation, research, robag wruhme, role-play, same_nice_lamb, secular humanism, seduction, sensation, sensuality, sin, sophistication, soul, south park, squarepusher, stella artois, superiority, taittinger, tanqueray, telefon tel aviv, temptation, the meters, the sonics, throbbing gristle, trip hop, turtlenecks, vanity, vintage liquor ads, vintage poster art


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